Jellie “Strawberry” Cuticle Oil Pen

Jellie “Strawberry” Cuticle Oil Pen

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 Jellie “Strawberry” 4.5ml Cuticle Oil Pen

What is a cuticle?

It isn’t just the skin around the base of your nail, to be picked and nibbled in times of stress. It’s the key to healthy nails and a happy heart. The final step in every professional nail treatment, it’s the luxury touch to seal the deal.

Our cuticle oil comes in a handy click to use pen, pocket sized to use wherever you go. Eight tempting fruity fragrances to soothe the senses and bring that pamper home with you. One for every pocket, bag, desk drawer or car glove box, each comes with a perfectly shaped brush applicator and travel cap. Brush around the cuticles daily, more often if you like, and massage into the nail and cuticle. It hydrates and nourishes the skin with a special blend of vitamins and oils for longer, stronger, healthier nails. Fun and indulgent hand in hand to protect against dry skin and brittle nails, and smell fantastic on the move. Jellie nail oil can go everywhere you go, your new best friend, be sure to pop them in your basket.