Jellie Gel ‘Pink Lady' 15ml Colour Coat

Jellie Gel ‘Pink Lady' 15ml Colour Coat

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Pink Lady   


We are Hopelessly devoted to this electric pink Jellie Gel, with its cheeky tones reminiscent of 1970’s Summer Nights. If you haven’t got the confidence for our Hot Pants, don’t worry, everything is Rosy with this bright colour coat. So get your glad rags on, turn up your collar and buckle up as we know this will fly off the shelf like Greased Lightnin.


UV and LED  
Colour coat for use with Jellie Gel Base and Top Coat 
Cures for 60 secs in LED lamp (2 min UV) 
Tough and durable  
14+ days extended wear 
Soaks off in 5-10 mins with no damage to the nail plate when removed correctly with professional products

For professional use only