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Jellie Gel 'Fondant' 15ml Colour Coat

Jellie Gel 'Fondant' 15ml Colour Coat

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This pink is dusted with a hint of mauve to bring the tantalisingly sweet Jellie gel we call Fondant. Thick and creamy with a good depth of colour, it’s the grown-up choice for pink. Tougher than it looks this colour coat has great coverage and stays far longer than any sweet treat, the same colour, would ever linger on our lips.


UV and LED  
Colour coat for use with Jellie Gel Base and Top Coat 
Cures for 60 secs in LED lamp (2 min UV) 
Tough and durable  
14+ days extended wear 
Soaks off in 5-10 mins with no damage to the nail plate when removed correctly with professional products

For professional use only