Jellie Gel 'Lights Out' 15ml Colour Coat

Jellie Gel 'Lights Out' 15ml Colour Coat

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Lights Out

Most of our exciting experiences take place after dark. A sense of theatre and anticipation coupled with an enticing heightened awareness brought about by the absence of light and colour. Lights out is great for outlines, silhouettes and accents. With each and every nail a masterpiece, this is a black Jellie Gel that no artists toolbox can be without.

UV and LED  
Colour coat for use with Jellie Gel Base and Top Coat 
Cures for 60 secs in LED lamp (2 min UV) 
Tough and durable  
14+ days extended wear 
Soaks off in 5-10 mins with no damage to the nail plate when removed correctly with professional products

For professional use only